The Son of Neptune

9781423140597_p0_v2_s114x166The Son of Neptune

By Rick Riordan

F Rio

Genre:  Adventure, Fantasy, Humor

Percy Jackson has no memories, except for the name Annabeth.  He arrives at Camp Jupiter after helping the goddess Juno, and is sent on a quest almost immidiately.  With his new friends Fank and Hazel at his side, Percy must let Thanatos, the god of death, go free.

I would reccomend this book to any fifth grader who likes Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, or mythology.

I give this book 5 stars

-AP Sewell

The Percy Jackson Series

The Percy Jackson Series

by Rick Riordan

Illustrated by John Rocco

In this series, when Percy Jackson almost gets killed be a minotaur, he knows something is up. He goes to a camp to discover he is a demigod. Throughout this series, Percy goes on heart racing quests with his friends, will he make it through?

I recommend this book to anyone who seeks humor and adventure in a book. Also check out The Kane Chronicles, The Lost Hero, and The Son of Neptune, also written by Rick Riordan.

I give this book 5 stars.

JS – Sewell